Different devices

By changing the viewname or modelname with a affinity, you can setup different view-files to be served on the next devices: desktop, tablet and phone:


  • viewname.jsx <-- desktop (default)
  • viewname@tablet.jsx <-- tablet
  • viewname@phone.jsx <-- phone


  • modelname.jsx <-- desktop (default)
  • modelname@tablet.jsx <-- tablet
  • modelname@phone.jsx <-- phone


The system works with fallback, explained in the next scheme:

  • only viewname.jsx <-- desktop, tablet and phone
  • viewname.jsx and viewname@tablet.jsx <-- desktop gets viewname.jsx, phone and tablet get viewname@tablet.jsx
  • viewname.jsx and viewname@phone.jsx <-- desktop and tablet get viewname.jsx, phone gets viewname@phone.jsx