Itsa react-server

Build high-performent and easy manageable SPAs based on React.js

Install itsa-cli 16.2.15View on GitHub

Why this framework?

Building modern websites nowadays is difficult. This MVC-framework tries to make it easy, giving you tools to create quickly a high performant and manageable web application using bleeding edgde technology. The apps are grazy fast! Itsa-react-server uses React (or React fiber), webpack3, service-workers pre-boot and a lot of other tools under the hood. Also, client-side routing is done automatically without React Router.


  • Design react jsx pages
  • Autobuild with Webpack3
  • Ultrafast, little requests
  • MVC driven
  • Modeldata available on server and client
  • Automaticly serverside- and clientside rendered
  • Great SEO because serverside rendered
  • Easy internationalization
  • Server can push new this.props to the clients
  • Automatic clientside routing
  • Clients refresh automatically on new deploy
  • Easy developing with "npm run watch"
  • Automatic cleanup code and css of not used pages
  • Build different pages for desktop, tablet and phones
  • Great separation of concerns
  • Automaticly Google analytics integration
  • Integrated markdown support
  • Integrated SCSS support
  • Preboot capturing events before client side rendering
  • Offline first with service workers
  • Easy CDN integration
  • Very easy authentication integration (<2min)
  • Very easy cookie integration
  • Simplified DDoS protection
  • Server side ES7 support (with async await)